About us

Welcome to VPharmacy- Your Trusted Neighborhood Pharmacy located in Irving.

At VPharmacy, we strive to be your local pharmacy who knows you and will take the time to provide personalized care. As your neighborhood pharmacy, we want to be your healthcare advisor for health and wellness. Our pharmacist, Gebrel Adbelgadir, is available to answer your questions and go the extra mile for our physicians and patients.

At VPharmacy, we provide both sterile and non-sterile patient specific medications to providers, clinics, and patients nationwide. With over 20 years of experience, our pharmacist has an excellent knowledge of the compounding landscape uniquely positions VPharmacy to provide immediate support and the most current information to our customers. Our pharmacist is available when you him to answer questions and share his knowledge. At VPharmacy, we strive to be a resource our providers and patients in DFW.

All of our chemicals are obtained from only FDA-registered distributors, and we fully comply with all compliance and regulatory guides.

​VPharmacy understands that patient care involves more than just filling prescriptions. Our pharmacist and team is here to provide you with tailored care to help you manage your overall wellness from head to toe.

Compounding is a practice where our pharmacist prepares custom medications by mixing, combining, or altering ingredients, in response to a prescription, to suit the specific needs of a patient. This may include altering the form of the medication – such as creating a liquid form for patients who cannot swallow pills – or removing non-essential ingredients that patients may be allergic to, like gluten, dye, or lactose. At VPharmacy, our compounding pharmacy blends the art and science of pharmacy to formulate medications that are not available commercially or to tailor treatments for each patient.

VPharmacy is Your Neighborhood Compounding Pharmacy in Irving

As a compounding pharmacy, we provide services that extend beyond what is available through standard pharmaceutical manufacturer and offers personalized care that can significantly improve patient outcomes, satisfaction, and quality of life. VPharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that can customize medications to meet the specific needs of individual patients makes them a critical component of modern healthcare, especially for those with unique medical conditions or who require specialized treatment protocols. At Vpharmacy, we specialize in preparing prescription drugs that are tailored to satisfy our patients unique medical needs and sensitivities.

Our Pharmacist has over 20+ Years of Experience and is Board Certified.

Our pharmacist excels and building relationships with providers and patients to compound medications to meet the needs of our provider’s patients. VPharmacy is different than a traditional pharmacy in that our pharmacist has the expertise and experience to customize a medication for individual patients based on their unique needs and circumstances. A standard pharmacy may dispense prescriptions in standardized forms and formulations. At VPharmacy, our pharmacist tailor prescriptions for a patient’s specific needs and sensitivities allows for flexibility and innovation in the formulation of medications, providing solutions for a wide range of health issues across all areas of medicine, including dermatology, pediatrics, pain management, primary care, and wellness

Compounding Benefits

Personalized Medication

We strive for excellence
in all that we do.


We treat people with
empathy and kindness.


Everyone works toward the
same shared goals.


We treat others as we
wish to be treated.


We take responsibility
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We do the right thing, right.

Why Choose Us?


Our pharmacist is highly skilled and have extensive training in compounding techniques. He works closely with healthcare providers to ensure that your medication regimen is optimized for your health conditions.

Personalized Care:

We believe that healthcare is not one-size-fits-all. Our compounding services allow us to create a medication that fits your specific needs, including dosage, form, flavor, and ingredients.

Integrated Wellness Support:

Our pharmacy goes beyond just filling prescriptions; we integrate with holistic wellness programs to support your overall health. We support medical weight loss, hormone balancing for women and low-testosterone support for men.

Quality and Safety:

All compounds are prepared in a controlled environment and undergo stringent quality control to ensure that you receive the highest quality and most effective treatment.

Competitive Pricing:

We understand the importance of affordable healthcare. Our compounding pharmacy offers competitive pricing on all our custom medications, ensuring that you receive both high-quality and cost-effective solutions for your health needs.

Compliance with Regulations:

Our compounding pharmacy adheres to all regulations set by pharmacy boards and health agencies. This ensures that every compounded medication meets strict standards for quality and safety, giving you peace of mind about the treatments you receive.

Meet Your Pharmacist:

Dr. Gabrel Abelgadir

Hello! I’m Dr. Gabrel, your dedicated compounding pharmacist here at VPharmacy. With a passion for personalized medicine and a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Florida University , I’ve been a pharmacist for over 27+ and most of that time in Texas. As a pharmacist, I thrive in helping patients my patients achieve better health outcomes through customized medication solutions. My journey into pharmacy began with a simple desire to help people live healthier, happier lives. I quickly discovered that compounding pharmacy, with its unique blend of science and customization, was my calling. It allows me to create medications tailored specifically to each patient’s needs, whether it’s adjusting dosages, removing allergens, or even flavoring medicine to make it more palatable for children.

I believe that good health is a combination of proper medication, nutrition, and active living, and I am here to support you every step of the way. I

  • Pharma-D Degree, Florida University (Clinical Pharmacy)​
  • Immunization delivery program for Pharmacist​
  • Diploma in Business Administration (England)


  • TX State Board of Pharmacy License (Registered Pharmacist)​
  • Maryland State Board of Pharmacy​
  • Minnesota State Board of Pharmacy​
  • Member – American Society of Hospital Pharmacy